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DRC - The Philosophy:

Individual customer solutions

Individuelle KundenlösungBecause every organization is unique this can make a nonsense of a developmental philosophy which relies solely on universal panaceas and a rigid benchmark approach. What are of considerable importance, however, are the business interactions and the informal dynamics between areas of activity and the respective players concerned. Therefore DRC works systematically right from the beginning on the achievement and improvement of business results and outcomes for the entire organization.

The Humanist View

humanistisches weltbildThe self-image of DRC is based on a humanist view of man. That is, we assume the sovereignty of the individual and believe that the active ongoing involvement of employees and managers in the further development of "their" company is the greatest motivational force for developing the most successful reorganization.
This means that the implementation will not lead to "endless grassroots debates" but rather, through active advocacy and participatory forms of involvement, the minimization of business relevant implementation resistance.

Working together in partnership

Partnerschaftliche ZusammenarbeitDRC continuously works in close cooperation with the customer and project team to ensure the best possible outcomes. This arrangement, based on trust, not only leads to a complete understanding of the specific situation and the individual objectives of the customer, but also has the advantage, because of the direct and personal customer focus, of allowing rapid response to changing circumstances during the project. All of the tools and concepts involved remain with the customer and are available to be used by them in the future without requiring further external support.

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