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Dr. Hagen Ringshausen



Many years of experience in design, planning and control of complex projects makes us a strong partner for public and private sector clients. This is especially true for reorganization projects.

DRC applies this strategy to organizational structure and processes, just as with (leadership) culture, employees and working environment.




Organization / Processes


DRC develops pioneering solutions in its areas of expertise.

In order to attain economic sustainability and stability with newly created organization structures our advice is based on the package of strategic enterprise adjustment, optimized commercial processes and effective personnel management and employment policy.






People make the difference. Increasingly important is the adaptability and flexibility of people in organizations. Recognizing the potential of employees at an early stage, promoting individuals and placing them at their appropriate position in the company, are major concerns of DRC. This can be sustainably achieved through effective incentive systems and forms of participation generating above-average achievement, motivation and loyalty.


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