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Neuigkeiten13.09.16. DRC Consulting GmbH moved its company headquarters to Berlin. The new address is now: Alemannenstr. 13, 14129 Berlin (Zehlendorf).



Neuigkeiten07.09.16 ACOD Congress in Dresden: Prof. Ringshausen discussed with in the exciting panel discussion on the topic: What does the digitization of the German automotive industry really mean and how we achieve "Excellence in Change" in order not to fail like many other reorganizations?



Neuigkeiten06.29.16 ProITCar e.V. has founded in a smart ceremony at TH Wildau in Brandenburg. The central task is to drive the digitization of the automotive industry in Berlin and Brandenburg ahead. Prof. Dr. Hagen Ringshausen has been elected to the role of CEO and accepted the election.



NeuigkeitenOn 29/09/2014 Dr. Hagen Ringshausen in Potsdam from the Brandenburg Education, Cultural Affairs and Science Minister Prof. Sabine Kunst was appointed professor ceremonially. He takes over at the Technische Hochschule Wildau Professor of International Human Resource Management (part-time) in the Department of Business Administration and supports there especially the teaching of international masters students. The Technical University Wildau among the most externally-focused universities in Germany and next to the internationally oriented teaching practice in applied research in industry and service sectors.


NeuigkeitenSpring 2014, DRC Consulting moves to its own office in Kassel-Kirchditmold. The office is located directly at the foot of the mountain park Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe and has a private customer car park.



NeuigkeitenFebruary 2014, DRC Consulting expanding its consulting focus Business Coaching with the previous systemic consulting approach further. Mrs. Anja Weise could be won as a network partner here.



NeuigkeitenMay 2014, DRC Consulting strengthens its activities in the international arena of science education. Dr. Ringshausen is employed as a lecturer for the subject "International Human Resource Management" in various, sometimes part-time master degree programs here at present mainly for the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel (Frankfurt area) as well as the University of Applied Sciences Wildau (Brandenburg).



NeuigkeitenMarch 2013: DRC project starts at international development partner of the automotive industry in the optimization of sales processes.



NeuigkeitenFebruary 2013: DRC successfully completed interim project in HR management at American automotive supplier.



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