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Dr. Hagen Ringshausen

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EBS University of Economics and Law (GS): Strategy Development and Implementation, 2010

"With the support of Dr. Ringshausen we have been able, within a very short time, namely, within 10 months, to transform a private business school to a recognized university with a completely new law faculty . This was only possible because of its very effective conceptual work in the systematic elaboration of university strategy and by its tight project management, which all managers were actively involved in ". (Prof. Christopher Jahns, CEO) [more...]

Deutsche Bahn: HR Manager, 2002-2005

"Dr. Hagen Ringshausen an assertive and innovative human resources manager and a seasoned leader in the headquarters of Passenger Traffic Frankfurt significantly restructured and modernized the Central Personnel Administration. In particular, the introduction of a customer-oriented service concept ("HR business partner model") has not only optimized the core HR business processes, but also enhances the reputation of the internal human resource management and its employees as well."
(Kay-Uwe Arnecke, HR Director)  [more...]

Campina: Internal International Management Development, 2001

"We had the massive problem of young generation to fight in the management field, given less attractive investment conditions in Heilbronn. Mr. Ringshausen and his team through the design and implementation of the International Development Program (IDP) "significantly” contributed to CAMPINA now regularly set enough graduates and loyalty to the company in order to ensure sustainable management trainee in the Group. (Helmut Rehm, former personnel manager) [more...]

HSH Nordbank / Wincor Nixdorf Portavis: Moderation
“IT Outsourcing Process”, 2006

The IT outsourcing process between HSH Nordbank and Wincor Nixdorf Portavis as a service provider was, from the beginning, under significant mutual economic benefit expectations. Accordingly, the requirements for the negotiation and presentation were very high. Dr. Ringshausen, through his work as a process facilitator and mediator accomplished the task with great success. "
(Michael Stolle, former Commercial Director,
Wincor Nixdorf Portavis) [more...]

Business Coaching for professional strategic realignment /
practical implementation, 2010

"I was standing at the beginning of the Business Coaching pretty desperate at my current job situation as a manager and trusted me not to do the right next steps nor any external help. Dr. Hagen Ringshausen has been recommended to me as an experienced business coach. After only a few sessions I was able to identify Mr. Ringshausen using a variety of methods such as potential diagnostics, communication style analysis, etc. specific personal strengths and potential development of potentials that had in my career plans as differentiated played no serious role.
At the beginning of my coaching career is still very vague vision that seemed almost beyond the reach strengthened, more and more. Through video analysis, role plays and a personal communication training, I was also able to improve my personal appearance significantly, so I have finally taken his help with an entirely new career path. He supported me very operative not only in the first implementation steps of the application, but also the duration of the first 100 days in the new managerial role. For this support, I am very grateful to Dr. Ringshausen.
(Manager (32) of a medium-sized industrial enterprise, anonymous)