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Dr. Hagen Ringshausen

Social responsibility

begins with the family and the exemplify of values: Some of our major values are sharing common experiences, loving nature and staying fit.




Who wants to go beyond personal boundaries should do so actively and with all your senses. The operational change management situation is no different for managers and employees.

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Control technique is a special attraction for me, whether it's on the racing line through corners or in consulting for an efficient and transparent project management methodology.



The roots of the family name are on the one shaped by the Christian-dominated Knights Hospitallers. Secondly, many of Ringshausens in the 19 and 20 Century set out from Germany to the USA to build a new life there. To preserve this memory is as important to me, as to understand the cultures, rituals and traditions of advisory firms and consider them in transformation processes.

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Physical exertion and athletic ambitions motivate me in tennis tournaments and over again to achieve the victory (or at least deliver a good game).



helps determine its own location and the careful planning of achievement. In addition, there can be creativity only in the state of inner relaxation. Produce this state regularly is also important to me.


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